The Nugshots Difference

Cannabis Media Defined.

Why choose Nugshots?

Purchasing cannabis media with ease.

Our Stock

We redefined the way the world sees cannabis and our stock media provides the ease to find and select what your after. Nugshots has processed and packaged many cannabis category types, with exclusives that you can only be found through Nugshots. Our stock images and video also include our exclusive NSSignature Process, this way you can be reassured your purchases stay consistent and uniform.

Cause quality matters.

NSSignature Process

Our team harmoniously at every stage of media creation goes through a rigorous checklist, this ensures our media will always provide the highest level of preparation, color quality and correction. Nugshots transforms simple cannabis into cannabis media.

Creative genius.

NS Team

The Nugshots team comprises of creative individuals that love working within the emerging cannabis industry. From our photographers to our marketing and service teams we work as a single unit to ensure every customer an amazing experience. At Nugshots, we love what we do.

Knowledge is power.

Cannabis Media Experts

Our knowledge goes deep and education is key when creating the best in cannabis media. In order to provide our customers with in-depth strain specific knowledge along with product advice, Nugshots takes pride investing in our staff. All team members are trained and educated in a very unique way to ensure they have experienced all our departments first hand.

Nugshots innovators are here to help with your innovations.

Doesn’t stop with stock.

Photography & Creative Services

Nugshots has even more services in its arsenal including Strain Product Photography, Product Photography-specializing within the cannabis industry and Design Services to engineer your images or video to any spec.

From our specialized team to customer service we go the extra step, to help your team achieve greatness through media.


Cannabis Product Photography
Design Services