We are Nugshots

Transforming the cannabis industry with media.

Who we are

Nugshots is inventing the way media is offered to creatives and emerging companies within the cannabis industry. Founded from the center of modern cannabis culture, California; we are committed to providing stock media and photographic solutions for the demanding cannabis market.

Our core values

At Nugshots, we believe in holding true to our core values day in and day out. As we continue to evolve our line of elevated media products and services, we always stand by our motto.

To always set the standard,
To make sure the customer always comes first,
To provide great value and pricing without complexity,
To always push the boundaries through technology and cutting edge innovation,
To encourage that imaginations should never be limited, and that professionalism and consistency is here to stay.

Milestone list

7 years in cannabis media.

2 US offices on both coasts.

4 products in our lineup.

40,000+ social friends.

1,000+ strains photographed.

100+ dispensaries visited.

1 book published.

Endless happy customers served.

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